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Our services include sand blasting and or ceramic coating. Sand blasting is a great way for your old or recently painted metal parts to get back to their original ​form. Sand blasting gives your parts a smooth, bare finish that makes them look new again.

Ceramic coating is the beauty part of the business. It is the most advanced coating available. The coating is corrosion resistance, durable and is available in multiple colors. When our coating is applied properly, it becomes a very effective thermal barrier. The coating helps with the parts performance and actually enhances its strength. Parts have been successfully tested to withstand 1500 degrees on the outside of the part and 2000 degrees on the inside without cracking, lifting or flaking.


Due to the variety of different parts we receive, blasting and coating prices are not at a set price, we will quote you a price over the phone but we reserve the right to modify pricing after examination of the parts.

We would like to ask the all parts are clean (not greasy, oily or muddy) and are disassembled or charges may apply for the extra labor.

Our average turnaround time is about 7-10 workdays once we receive the parts, shipping may take longer. If you have any further questions please give us a call, we thank you for your business!

Sand Blasting 

Abrasive grit blasting, it is a surface treatment process to blast off old paint or rust to get down to the bear metal for further treatment

Ceramic coating is a spray on finish thats infused with insulated heat ceramics. It makes for a nice shiny finish to any project

Ceramic Coating
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